Why Eat Raw

What is Raw Food?

Raw and living foods are fresh, enzyme-rich, nutrient rich, plant-based living food. If replanted, it would grow new life.

Raw food is food in its natural state, unprocessed, and not heated above 48 degrees Celsius which it the temperature when food loses its enzymes, minerals, oxygen and a significant amount of nutritional value.

Living food is food that is still alive and growing like fresh spouts, baby greens, sprouted nuts and seeds. It is raw food in its most nutritious state. Living foods are the richest source of enzymes, oxygen, chlorophyll, vitamins and essential fatty acids and fiber.

Raw nuts and seeds contain enzymes in their “dormant” state. To activate the enzymes in them, they must be soaked in water for a period of time. Once the seeds and nuts begin to sprout, the enzymes become “active” and are then considered a “living food” and are far easier to digest than the original seed, bean, nut or grain.

Living foods are pure energy! Eat raw foods in combination with living foods. They are the most nutritious food on the planet! And the quickest and easiest ways to pack a group of nutrients into your body in just one handful. “They are like medicine without any side effects”.

Why Raw Food

What does a Raw Food diet consist of?

A raw food diet consists of plant-based foods including all raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouts, root vegetables, fresh herbs and spices, seaweeds, superfoods, fermented food, dried fruits and vegetables.

And plenty of clean filtered living water for inner cleanliness, to improve the utilisation of nutrients from foods and supplements and to hydrate the cells.

Why eat a Raw Food Diet?

Raw plant-based foods provide living enzymes and vital nutrition for optimal health. Enzymes are the key to life! Enzymes break down food faster and into smaller more absorbable nutrients necessary for building and repairing cells, tissues and organs.

A well-managed raw and living diet can lead to a boost in energy levels, improved digestion, increased mental clarity, clearer skin, better weight management, enhanced immunity and improved overall health and vitality.

Do you have to go on a 100% raw food diet?

A 50% raw food diet can make a difference. 80% raw is optimal. The important thing is that you want to avoid processed foods. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet and work your way till you find a balance that suits you. Start with juices, smoothies and raw desserts!

Eating well is one of the nicest thing you can do for yourself!

Equipment for Raw Food Preparation

Must haves: Good water filtration system, High-Speed Blender, Food Processor, Food Dehydrator.You may also want to purchase a juicer for juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other tools that make raw food prep enjoyable and a breeze: Mandoline Slicer, Spiraliser, Ceramic Knives, Spatula, Nut Milk Bag, Mason Jar

Raw Food is not just about Salads

Living a raw vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love. It just means preparing them a little differently. The good news is that you can make an endless variety of delicious meals with just fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds and spouted grains, all without heat – smoothies, soups, pate, sauces, dips, pasta, burgers, lasagna, cheese, pizza, crackers, bread, wraps, pies, cakes, cookies, chips.

Raw Desserts

One of the best things about being on a raw vegan lifestyle is that you can still enjoy cake and desserts!

Raw desserts are one of the healthiest dessert choices available. They are made from unprocessed ingredients like nuts, seeds, dried or fresh fruit. They are delicious, vibrantly pure, full of goodness and with so much less the amount of calories of traditional desserts!

Raw desserts are free from all the sugar, flour, butter and cream of traditional recipes!

Raw desserts can be nutrient dense and usually just a third of a slice of standard dessert is all you need. A lot less is needed to satisfy sweet cravings or hit the “sugar spot”!

Raw Desserts are available at Real Food Cafes in Singapore.

Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated fruits and veggies gives flavour and texture to food. Each thinly sliced dehydrated fruit or chip is packed with intense flavour that you don’t find in a fresh slice. Something amazing happens to the flavour once all the water has been removed. Dehydrated foods don’t lose their nutritional value and maintain water soluble vitamins and minerals.

Food dehydration is simple! Preparation time is minimal – simply cut the fruit, place on the trays, set the temperature and timer and the dehydrator will do the work. It can be used to dry nuts and seeds, create crackers, breads, wraps, chips and gourmet raw food.

When you dehydrate your own food and snacks, you know exactly what you are eating. It’s 100% fruit and vegetables with no additives, preservatives, nothing extra added.

Healthy dehydrated snacks are perfect for when you are on the go, for lunch boxes, or anytime you need a snack.