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Intro to Raw Food & Dehydration Workshop – Tue Nov 21, 7pm

S$ 120

Product Description

Learn how to make healthy snacks without additives and preservatives.

Dehydrated food also adds flavour and texture to meals. Dehydrated food keeps enzymes alive and preserves all the goodness in raw foods. It intensifies flavour and food closely resemble ‘cooked’ foods. With dehydration, you can enjoy crunchy, chewy snacks as well as create fabulous gourmet meals.

This workshop is for anyone new to dehydrating food or who want to refresh and expand their repertoire of recipes.

Dyring Fruit

Drying Nuts

Drying Herbs for teas

Flavouring Nuts

Fruit Roll Up

Coconut Chips

Coconut Wraps


Kale Chips

Crackers Pizza

Bases & more

*all ingredients are nutrient-rich and plant-based, free of gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, artificial sugars


Date: Tues Nov 21
Time: 7 to 9pm
Venue: Rocchalie Drive, near Tanglin Mall



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